Our Top 5 Apps For Home-Owners (and they’re free!)

Here at Dybles we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite apps for all you home-owners out there!


If you have a passion for interiors, Houzz is the app for you. Use the app for interior design inspiration, shop a huge variety of products from hundreds of Houzz members or find a professional to help with your newest renovation. All your home improvement needs in one place!

Bill Watch

Owning your own home can be a big financial commitment and often requires a lot of budgeting. Bill Watch can help you manage which bills are due for that month with their helpful calendar feature and countdowns to upcoming payments. Bill Watch also compares your income and outgoings to help you budget more effectively. You’ll never receive an unexpected bill again (hopefully)!

First Home Checklist

If you’re about to move house or have recently moved, First Home Checklist could be the app of your dreams. Moving house can often be a confusing and stressful time, especially if you have never purchased your own home before. First Home Checklist takes the pressure off remembering all the small details you often forget during your big move such as booking the removal company or notifying billers of your new address.

iHandy Level

Have you ever found yourself hard at work completing DIY work in your house, only to find you don’t have a spirit level? Well you need not worry! Perfect for those at-home DIY jobs, iHandy Level can be used as a spirit level so you’ll never have a wonky shelf in your home again!


When you own a property, there always seems to be a long list of jobs you want/need to do. Repaint the cupboard door, hoover the living room, mow the lawn… it can often be difficult to remember it all. That’s where Wunderlist comes in – you’ll never forget a job again! Create as many lists as you need or bunch multiple lists together in one folder, all whilst on the go. You can even share your list with other users (which can come in handy for people who ‘forget’ their jobs!). And the most satisfying part – ticking off the jobs as they’re completed!

What apps do you love to use as a homeowner? We’d love to hear from you, let us know your app suggestions over on Facebook or Twitter!


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