How to increase your kerb appeal

When viewing a property, first impressions are crucial. It has been claimed that potential buyers decide whether they are going to buy a home within 8 seconds, making the exterior of your property an important factor in their decision. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help increase your home’s kerb appeal and add value to your property.

We believe there are four key solutions: fix everything, keep a tidy garden, add a lick of paint and install lighting.

Fix everything

Dirty and damaged guttering? Broken gate? There are many small repairs you can make to improve your home’s exterior. If a potential buyer notices your doorbell doesn’t work and you have weeds growing through your cracked path slabs, they may begin to wonder how well you have maintained your home overall. Simple fixes will make your home appear cared for and give an overall impression of dedication.

Keep a tidy garden

Adding an injection of colour with some beautiful plants can quickly make a home feel welcoming and looked after. This could be achieved with a collection of potted plants, some eye-catching topiary trees or perhaps a climber. Evergreens are a particularly good choice for your front garden as their leaves remain green throughout the year – perfect for making your garden look vibrant and full of life all year round. The key to a beautiful front garden is to keep it maintained – clear all the dead plants and regularly mow the lawn and you can’t go wrong.

Add a lick of paint

Sometimes a splash of paint can give your home a new lease of life. If your window frames are looking a little tired, you should consider repainting them or you could replace them altogether. New double or triple glazed windows could add value to your property and increase its energy efficiency. If you are on a tight budget, simply give the windows and frames a good scrub to get them looking as pristine as possible.
A change of door colour can also go a long way towards brightening up your home – it will also make the property look well-kept. Pick a colour that suits your home and reflects your style.
Finally, focus on the walls. If your previously white exterior is now looking grey and dull, consider giving it a fresh coat of paint. Or, if your brickwork needs some TLC, think about getting it repointed – crumbling brickwork can worry potential buyers!

Install lighting

One way to subtly increase your kerb appeal is through lighting – it can make a house seem more welcoming and makes people feel safer. A motion detector light can be effective for alerting you to people approaching your home but may not suit everyone’s style. You can add spotlights to enhance the property’s appearance and, to add symmetry, you can add lights on either side of your door. Often the best outdoor lighting is subtle and unseen; try adding soft lighting to trees for a spectacular effect.

What exterior features do you look for when purchasing a new home? Let us know on Facebook and we will add your ideas to this post!   

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