The Power of Independent – Building a Community in Winchester

Okay, we’ll say it – there are a fair few estate agents in Winchester! The abundance of beautiful properties and plentiful job opportunities means that the housing market in Hampshire has always been buoyant and the number of agents in the city definitely reflects this.

But we wanted to reflect something different from the rest of them.

If you’ve wandered around the backstreets of Winchester you will have noticed our amazing little independent shops, from restaurants and cafes like Piecarama or The Forte Tea Rooms, to retail spaces like Char Teas or The Hambledon. There’s something about supporting local that really resonates in Hampshire and we’ve been thinking about why…

  1. Community spirit

    There’s just something about buying lunch from Rawberry that you can’t replicate in M&S. Steering clear of Pret a Manger in favour of Flat Whites; the experience is so much more personal, because the care that goes in really shows.
    In our case, all of our buyers, sellers and landlords are our potential neighbours. We have to keep a lot of extra sugar on hand…
    Nobody knows your local area quite like an independent business, they usually have their finger firmly on the community pulse, after all, it’s their business to know.

  2. Personal touch

    Odds are that most independent businesses in Winchester still have their founders actively involved; the person who put their blood sweat and tears into it’s creation.
    That’s a level of passion (and service) you just can’t access in a chain. And, for us especially, that means every single customer, acquaintance … person in the street, matters. When it comes to being independent, you represent yourself, so integrity is key!

    Building a community in Winchester

  3. Innovation

    Chances are, if they’re up against a big chain company, a small… or infact, massive level of innovation is required to stay in the game. Any business who has to stay on their toes and keep thinking of the next big idea, is a business worth being involved with.
    We’ve always been proud to be the first high street, fixed fee, estate agent in Winchester. As a truly independent team, we’re not afraid of a little local revolution. There’s nothing better than fresh ideas and new approaches!

    In fact, while we’re talking about local businesses and bright ideas, have you seen the Dybles Dog Competition we’re running? We’ve teamed up with lovely locals Happy Hounds, Paws Parlour and Halo Belts UK to find the perfect pooch in Winchester to be the face of our next campaign! Have you entered your pup yet?  

  4. Giving back

    Research has shown that spending £10 with a local independent shop or business, means up to an additional £50 goes back into local economy. Every single person that works in a local independent, lives locally, so wages are put back in the community – whether it’s Monday morning coffee or Friday night at the local…
    In this vein, local businesses are more likely to give back to the community in other ways, whether that’s supporting each other by teaming up with other local independents, or by sponsoring community events – like us!

  5. Stay unique

    Whether it’s a level of service you just can’t get anywhere else, or the best slice of carrot cake you’ve ever tasted in your life; there’s something about having a local business that you know doesn’t exist somewhere else, that makes your area feel like home.

What’s your favourite local independent business in Winchester and why do you love them? Let us know on our Facebook page, or tweet us


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