Spotlight On Marwell Zoo

Located at Colden Common, Marwell Zoo sits within 140 acres of Winchester countryside. Home to over 135 species and 1,200 animals, the Zoo is one of the most popular attractions in the area. With over half a million people visiting Marwell Zoo each year, it’s a fantastic tourist attraction, as well as being a popular destination for school trips, youth outings and educational events.

Home to Amur tigers, giraffes, Humboldt penguins, Snow leopards, meerkats, pygmy hippos, cheetahs, rhinos, lemurs, binturong, gazelles, flamingos, zebras, gibbons and red pandas, as well as a variety of insects and reptiles, there are endless animals to see at Marwell Zoo.

If that wasn’t enough, the Zoo also has a range of other attractions on offer. With five adventure playgrounds, there is plenty to keep children of all ages entertained, and the Wild Explorers exhibits give you the chance to see Grevy’s zebras, white rhinos and scimitar-horned oryx up close from the observation boardwalk.

A free road train means it’s easy to get around Marwell Zoo, and visitors can hop on board at the gift shop or at the following enclosures; tigers, giraffes and snow leopards. Running throughout the summer, the rail train also offers stops at the Penguin Cover and a 15-minute trip past ostrich, pygmy hippos, Grevy’s zebras, scimitar-horned oryx, white rhinos, flamingos and capybaras. A unique way to see these majestic animals, guests can sit back and enjoy the scenery as the rail train takes them on a majestic journey through the wilderness.


Get involved at Marwell Zoo


Shining a spotlight Marwell Zoo Winchester uncovers some of the hidden gems at this idyllic home for wildlife. As well as exploring at your own pace, you can get involved with exhibits, tours and talks whilst you’re at the Zoo.

Why not stop by and watch the giraffes being fed or sign up for the meerkat talk and feed? Watch a keeper in action as they care for the endangered African wild ass or head over to Penguin Cove for the afternoon feed and Q&A. Visitors are invited to ask the keepers any questions they may have about the animals, so you’ll have an unparalleled opportunity to learn everything you want to know about any of the species at Marwell Zoo.

For young ones, the Explorers Trail is a fantastic way to interact with the exhibits as you stroll around the zoo, and the Brickosaurus exhibition is the first of its kind to host the humongous LEGO brick dinosaurs.

With daily events taking place all year round, and special events scheduled throughout the year too, there’s never a quiet time at Marwell Zoo. Designed to deliver an exciting, enthralling and educational experience, the Zoo offers a unique opportunity to see some of the world’s most endangered animals at work, rest and play.

Whether you want to relax on the rail train, stroll through on foot or let youngsters run wild in the adventure playgrounds, Marwell Zoo is the ultimate day out for adults and children alike.



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