Spring Clean your Home for Sale

This week it was National Spring Cleaning Week, which means the season of decluttering is finally upon us. So whether you’re sprucing up to sell or stay, we decided to come up with a handy checklist of some important tasks to tackle when you’re Spring cleaning your home:

  1. Step up your kerb appeal

    We all know how important a first impression is when it comes to property.
    Whether you’re popping a few planters in your porch, tackling some tired window fittings, or are in need of something with a little more impact. Refreshing the outside of your property can make a big difference to how people view the inside.
    Here are a few things we recommend to make your home stand out:
    – Make sure the front door and window casings aren’t chipped or damaged (and that the front door can be easily opened by an estate agent!).
    – Check your door furniture is securely fixed and polished.
    – Make sure your hedges or plants are neatly trimmed and presented.
    – Sweep the pathway and doorstep clear of any mud or debris.

    spring clean your home - kerb appealBefore and after courtesy of Bowden Tailored Wood. The impact of kerb appeal can make or break a sale; it’s been argued that buyers decide to purchase a home in the first eight seconds of a viewing!

  2. Deep clean the built-in appliances

    If your kitchen has built in white goods, chances are a prospective buyer will pay close attention to their condition. Whether it’s an oven, a microwave or a coffee machine, anything that is built into your kitchen demands a little TLC if you’re thinking of selling… or even if you’re not!

    House Beautiful has a brilliant tip on cleaning the oven if you want to avoid using harsh chemicals – “Add bicarbonate of soda to water in a spray bottle and you’ve got your own handy oven-cleaning solution. You just need to spray the solution on the interior surfaces of your oven, avoiding the heating elements. Leave overnight and wipe clean the next day. If any soda remains, spray with vinegar to remove it.”

  3. Declare war on clutter

    Chances are you’re already starting to put away your Winter clothes and optimistically digging out those shorts, so now’s the perfect time to have a proper clear out! And be brutal, if something doesn’t fit anymore, is damaged or you haven’t worn in over a year, it’s time to say goodbye. The same goes for any other unwanted clutter in the home; the DVDs you haven’t watched in years and the ornaments that seem to have multiplied.

    A clutter free house is invaluable for prospective buyers trying to imagine themselves in your space.

    Winchester has some brilliant charity shops like Naomi House and Dogs Trust, that will be more than happy to take your unwanted bits and bobs. So do a little good and make a little space at the same time!

  4. Clean the walls and ceilings

    This is one that often gets forgotten in the annual blitz. Cleaning every room (especially the kitchen) with warm water and a nonabrasive cleaner, is a great way to get your home looking and smelling fresh. Without the hassle of painting.

  5. Don’t forget the garden

    Especially this time of year! Buyers will be picturing spending sunny days in the garden, so it’s important to make your space as appealing as possible! We asked a local green-fingered company for their top tips for getting your garden Spring ready and this is what they told us:

    – First thing’s first, clear all the leaves and debris left over from the colder months.
    – Make sure your borders are looking tidy, give your hedges a trim and inspect your trees for any sign of Winter damage.
    – Order bulbs and seeds now, that will flower in the Summer.
    – Get rid of any pests that may have been sheltering in pots or under perennials over Winter.
    – Fix any fences or trellis that are looking a little weather-beaten, whether that’s replacing, or just giving them a new coat of colour.
    – Clean your patio or decking using a pressure washer, and wash down your patio furniture. It’s the first area you step into outside, so make that first impression a good one!


If you’re looking for some more top tips on getting your home sale ready, we’re full of them! Get in touch with our friendly team, or pop in for a chat at our office on Southgate Street. 

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