Winchester Half Marathon 2019

Have you ever ran a half marathon before? Are you thinking about taking on this kind of running challenge for the first time? Whether you are new to running or looking for your next big challenge, why not take on the Winchester Half Marathon 2019? With a month to go before the big event, your training might even be well underway already. If not, there is certainly plenty of time to get in on the act. You just need to dust off your running shoes and start to plan a few training runs!


Why Take On The Winchester Half Marathon?


Still not sure whether taking on the Winchester Half Marathon 2019 is a good idea for you? There are certainly a lot of great reasons why people put themselves through a rigorous training schedule so they can run the 13.1 miles. One of the main reasons for all new runners is to raise some cash for charity. You might already have a charity that is close to your heart because of the good work that they carry out for a loved one. Why not give something back by helping them with their fundraising?


Of course, another big reason why people decide to take on huge feats like the Winchester Half Marathon is simply to get fit. Sticking to a training routine could be enough to help new runners achieve their weight loss goals and to get fitter. Getting fit will be one thing but completing the half marathon and receiving a medal for doing so will be the icing on the cake!


Who Else Is Taking On The Winchester Half Marathon?


There are so many people from different backgrounds taking part in this year’s Winchester Half Marathon, and there are even a few from the University of Winchester taking part. Dr. Sarah Bayless is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology and enjoys giving herself at least one event per year to train for. She’s been running on and off for around five years and finds that signing up to at least one event helps her keep focused. Even though she admits she has her lazy phases, she still tries to fit in several runs a week.


Another member of staff from the University of Winchester taking part is Kelly Chesterton, an Admin Assistant. Kelly has completed half marathons before and has always been a runner of some kind. She tries to squeeze her training runs first thing in the mornings before her children get up. As for her running heroes, she looks up to the great Roger Bannister and admires Haruki Murakami’s books “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running”. If you manage to spot Kelly as she’s approaching the finish line, you might be able to witness her big finish across the line!


There are so many different motivations that people have when training for a half marathon. Does hearing their reasons and training schedules inspire you? If so, why not sign up for the Winchester Half Marathon 2019?!

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